Adding Images To Blog Posts - why? SEO TIPS

  There are a lot of Reasons to Add Images to Blog Posts. First of all, Images give some color to each post. To grab the Attention of Visitors of your Blog you will need to bring bright photos.
  Images also work as navigation tools. If a blog has many pages with different images, it will help visitors to remember on which page they are. It will also be useful for people which are looking for specific articles. Choosing relevant pictures for each article is a great option in this case.

  If you are making large posts, it's easy for the readers to lose the line which they are reading. Posting images may divide the text into logical parts and reading it will be much easier, without spending a lot of time searching for the required line.

Adding Images To Blog Posts - why? SEO TIPS

   Images will help to make your posts individual, and make them different from other posts in the same niche. People will remember images attached to each post.

  When visiting a website or a blog every reader scans it first. If they find an interesting and attracting picture, then they will check it again together with the post. It is especially helpful for visitors from social networks.

 Reading long blog posts can be boring and is one of the main reasons for readers to leave it. Images break the posts to shorter parts and make the process of reading more interesting.

  Images also bring traffic to blogs. You can choose a relevant image and each time people search for it, your blog will appear in search results and will be visited by many people.

  All these are the benefits which  you can have by simply posting relevant images. After reading this post you will know about the reasons to add images to blog posts.

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