3 Top Reasons of Low CTR or CPC in GooGle Adsense

Low earnings at Google adsense why?

3 Top Reasons of Low CTR or CPC in GooGle Adsense

AdSense is considered as the highest paying revenue program but sometimes this highest paying program turns to be the lowest revenue generating option for your blog/website. These cases are common these days & you will encounter several bloggers telling you that their AdSense CTR or CPC is very low. When this happens? blogs even with high traffic start generating very low revenue than they deserve. I’ve created a list of three top reasons why bloggers face such situations.

3 Top Reasons of Low CTR or CPC in GooGle Adsense:

Niche Always Makes a Difference 

Niche of your blog/website greatly impacts the earnings which your site generates. If your blog/website is about blogging, web designing & online earning, your ads are most likely going to receive very few clicks resulting in lower CTR than usual. When the CTR remains lower than normal for a long time, then Google drops the CPC also & your earnings further drop which were already not as much due to low CTR.

For eg: if your blog is about blogging tips like mine, then your most traffic consists of bloggers like you & bloggers or web masters dont click the ads generally. This is a harsh fact about bloggers & webmasters that they dont click the ads even when the ad is of extreme interest of them. In common words, bloggers & webmasters generally ignore the ads as they are also using AdSense or had used it in past. To be honest, I also click ads rarely on ads on other blogs when the ads significantly attracts me. Similar case is with the online earning niches where CTR usually remains lower than normal.

BAD Navigations & Internal Linking of Your Blog/website 

If your blog has a poor/bad navigation, then it also imparts in lowering your site earnings. Like search engine crawlers, AdSense crawlers also crawl your blog/website to get information about its content, so relevant ads will appear on your blog. If you dont have a good internal linking structure & navigation, then AdSense may fail to get complete information about your blogs content & as a result, irrelevant ads will appear on your blog/website, resulting in lower earnings.

Bad Ad Placement, Use Recommended Google Adsense Ads 

Ad placement is one of the most important factors affecting the earnings of blogs or websites. When you place ads perfectly, it maximizes the exposure of ads to your visitors, resulting in increased views & clicks.

Alternatively, when you fail to place ads in good positions, it results considerable decrease in CTR. To maintain a good CTR, always place ads in good positions & such positions can be found by experimenting.

Want to Overcome this State?

If you fail to increase your earnings even after placing ads in good positions, then you must try any AdSense alternative or monetize your blog/website with direct advertisers. In most cases, AdSense alternatives also dont work, so direct advertisers with fixed price may be the only option for you to overcome this state.

Have you ever faced any situation like this? If yes, then what worked for you to increase the earnings of your blog/website? Please dont forget to share your experience, as it will help several bloggers who are facing this irritating situation. also you'll get one dofollow backlink by commenting here :D
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