How-to Import, Export & Delete Your blogs

Export and Import of a blogger blog can helps you alot in Migrating from one blogging platform to the another blogging platform. It can be also use for the safety purpose, If your blog have some risky content and you have worry of getting deleted then you can export your blog for your security. In this article we will learn to use Three functions of that is Import Blog, Export Blog and Delete Blog.

How-to Import, Export & Delete Your blogs

What is Export Blog ?

Exporting of a blog is a simple procedure to baking up all posts of blog in a single .xml file which you can save on your hard drive. It'll help a lot for migrating one platform to the another platform. For Example. Blogger to WordPress Migration.

What is Import Blog ?

Importing Blog is completely opposite procedure to Export blog. If you pre-backup by exporting your blogger blog or WordPress blog then you can upload that .xml exported file to blogger and within a few minutes your blog will restored and all your posts , labels, picture's will be there !

Its the short intro to Importing and Exporting process of Blogger and last one is delete blog ! It is use to completely delete the blog from the web, by doing so your blog will no more available on the web.

1. How to Export Blogger Blogs ?

1. Login to your blogger account and Go to the Blogger Settings.

Go to blogger settings
2. Under settings navigate to Other settings.

Other settings blogger

3. There you'll get three options there choose Export blog option.

just click on export blog

4. Now one box will open there click on Download Blog button.

just click on download blog button

5. Then in just a few seconds exported file's download will start.

Downloading xml file

2. How to Import Blogger Blogs ?

1. Step Follow Step 1 and 2 From Exporting procedure.

2. Now Choose Import Blog option there.

Choose import blog

3. Then box will open, You'll get choose file option there. Choose exported .xml file there and type words words in that text box.

just click on import blog button

4. Finally click on import blog button and then wait a minute your blog will Imported successfully.

3 How to Delete Blogger Blogs ?

1. Same step 1 and 2 follow from the Export blog.

2. Now choose Delete Blog option.

3. Then box will be open, Click on Delete This Blog and wait a minute your blog will be deleted.

just Click on delete this blog

Hope this guide will helps you to Export, Import or Delete your blogger blogs. If you have some questions then you can comment below. *Dofollow comments enabled in this Blog*

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