Tip on How to Make Images SEO Friendly for Blogger Blog

If you are writing a post with high quality content & Images then for archiving top in search engines you should follow some optimizations tips. I am going to share this tips with all Bloggers - How to place image inside the post & how to optimize Images for Search engine optimization.

how to make images seo friendly for blogger blog

There are several factors are affect to the Image optimization like Size of the image, Format of the image, alt tag and title tag of images, name of the image which you give to the images. If you set above properties in well format then you can get SEO friendly Images. It will help you to show your blog to the top of the search engines.

Let's start Guide for Making Images SEO Friendly :

1. Choose correct format for images :
When you upload a image inside your blog page first you should check that, Its in which format ? It is JPEG, PNG or GIF or any other formate. For batter search engine visibility you should prefer PNG file format because it has high transparency and high compressibility, JPEG is also a good choice but it don't have compressibility and transparency as PNG images so its preferable to choose PNG files for your blog.

choose PNG files for better SEO

2. Size of Images :
Does you check the size of images before uploading it to your blog ? If its NO for you then you should check it. The size of the images is should be ideally 70KB or Less than it. If you upload bigger size images then load of the page will be increase and it take more time to load !

So Now what to do ?
You have to compress images before you put it on your blog ! You can use online PNG file compressor like TinyPng.org which can compress your PNG image file without loosing the transparency of the image.

Its advisable to upload compressed PNG images files inside your blog post or pages for Batter SEO.

3. Add alt tags and title tags into your Images :
Adding alt tags and title tags inside your images is very good thing which we can do for top ranking in search engines ! whenever someone search for images this tags will take your image to the top according to the keyword of your alt tag.

How to add alt tag and title tag to Images ?

First upload image inside the post or page as you upload regularly, Now switch to the HTML editing mode by click on HTML button.

switch to HTML for editing codes

Now find the code for your images which should be look like below code.
<img border="0" src="http://Image-link.png" />
Now add the alt tag before border="0" and add title tag after the src="http://image-link.png" as shown in below images.

write alt tag and title tag to images

Its done ! You should enter this alt and title tags to the every images of your blog post.

4. Set proper name of Image files:
Before you upload image to Post or Page first you should check the name of the file which you uploaded. It is advisable to don't use SPACE in the name of the post. use "-" on behalf of space.

do not use space in file name use dash

Here i tried to cover all the important topics which you should be consider while uploading images to you blog for Batter SEO and Top Rankings ! If you have still questions, suggestions or something which you want to tell us about this article then comment below, Hope you will like this article !


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