How To Make upto 200$ To 500$ MONEY From Your Blog

How to Make 200$ to 500$ Money from your BlogMaking Money Online is getting more & more popular keyword on internet.This trend is increasing very fast as the internet users are growing very every single house have a computer with internet facility. Daily Thousands of searches are made against the keywords "make money online ".

There are plenty of Methods to Earn some good revenue from your Website or Blog.A blog is more popular and FREE ;) . You can blog at any topic . People will be searching for you .If you are able to make a good reputation of your Blog or Website over Internet, You can easily Make 200-500$ Easily. But this process require a lot of hard work and implementation of best techniques in order to make your website or Blog look unique.

I recommend staying within your niches. A niche can be any topic of your choice. First you have to select your niche in which you are Expert and then do some keyword research on it use Google keywords for this. Find some profitable keywords and do keyword optimization of your website. Some list of profitable niches are:

  1. Make Money Online 
  2. Gaming
  3. Software Downloads
  4. Technology Tricks
  5. Movies Reviews and Trailers.
  6. Blogging Tips.
  7. Web Designing Tricks.
  8. Hacks.
  9. Unique or Funny Videos.

and so on. After you select your niche, Make a website or blog . I recommend using word-press because word-press is more easier than blogger. Post quality content and wait for at-least 6 months to apply for Adsense. You will be approved if you have quality content that is compatible with Google quality guidelines.
some advises for making a blog.

1-Buy domain from GoDaddy or some other best domain service providers.

2-Get hosting from blue host or host-gator.

3-Choose keyword based domain name.

4-Select best theme.

5-Install WordPress on it.

6-Implement SEO work.

Regularly updated blogs are more popular on internet. Quality content is the king. People are not gonna leave your site if they find what they want on your site.
also do some Free Giveaways it will boost your website ranking FAST.


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  3. Nice information ! Nowadays, there are n-number of ways usable to make money online . Advertising, Marketing, Direct ad sales, Blogging etc . Likewise, many of the sites introducing new methods to make money from home through online. Some of them producing scam and some of the sites are trust-worthy to do online business. in my point of view, Reseller business is one of the legit method to do in online.
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